11-11-2015, 05:06 PM
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Time for another den edit.  Please find the items below ...

Shipping is $5 per order in CONUS

PayPal only


PM if interested

Mystic Water Maestrale (used 1x) $6 SOLD
Mystic Water Sensitive Skin (used 1x) $6 SOLD
Mystic Water Bay Rum (used 1x) $6 SOLD
Mystic Water Brown Windsor (new) $8 SOLD
Mystic Water Teakwood & Cardamom (new) $8 SOLD
Mystic Water Cedar & Sage (new) $8 SOLD
Castle Forbes Lime (used a handful of times $12 SOLD
Sapone Di Paolo Cremoso (used 1x) $8 SOLD
Sapone Di Paolo Cremoso (used 1x) $9 SOLD
Barrister & Mann DFS LE Soap (used 1x) $10 SOLD 
Meißner Tremonia Lavender De Luxe Shaving Soap (used 1x) $18 SOLD 
Meißner Tremonia Dark Limes Shaving Soap (new) $20 SOLD
Meißner Tremonia Himalayan Heights Shaving Soap (used 1x) $18 SOLD
Tiki Bar Soap Star Anise (new) $12 SOLD
XPEC Balm (used 1x) $45 SOLD
Boellis Panama 1924 After Shave balm (used 1x) $40 SOLD
WSP Stubby Superfine 2-Band (great condition, first run!!!) $50 SOLD
Shavecraft 101 Head (used a few times) $35 SOLD
Mystic Water Lemongrass & Blue Gum Menthol (new) $8 WITHDRAWN

Mystic Water Sweet Briar (new) $8 WITHDRAWN
Mystic Water Sweet Briar Puck Only (new) $8 WITHDRAWN
Mystic Water Windjammer (used 1x) $6 WITHDRAWN
Speick Aftershave Lotion  (new) $13 WITHDRAWN
Kramperts Frostbite (used a few times) $10 WITHDRAWN
B&M DFS (used 1x) $12 WITHDRAWN


WSP 2 Band
[Image: FC261A91-F6DC-408C-AE36-7B8D982506BE_zpsejnufnoz.jpg]

Shavecraft 101 Head

[Image: 38EE0DC0-E0D1-4B5B-A763-5C6446266C64_zpsnqxg8d5s.jpg]

[Image: EED9FBC1-D232-49F4-89C4-57F6838EC651_zpsikxazebo.jpg]

Mystic Water 

[Image: F713FA8F-9046-4661-B7A3-61253EF2EF66_zpsac4q02i8.jpg]

Meissner Tremonia

[Image: 00C9DF6E-47CD-4547-9D44-33E0A4C9BCAE_zpsbisxjepu.jpg]

[Image: 9A3BAD88-2D3F-4BE3-B19B-012CA7721E92_zps5umattac.jpg]

[Image: 5F5273E1-EBDB-4FF4-824F-958FAE0D723E_zpshy88zq6g.jpg]

[Image: 28B54285-9E12-4FD4-907F-ACB43AEE99D7_zpsu3zr6muv.jpg]

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 11-11-2015, 05:08 PM
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So Much Temptation. GLWTS!

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 11-11-2015, 05:11 PM
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(11-11-2015, 05:08 PM)number six Wrote: So Much Temptation. GLWTS!

Thanks. Don't really want to sell anything here ... Just creating space Smile

Particularly the mystic water soaps ... I'm still keeping about 20. These were the scents that didn't bond for me.

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 11-12-2015, 03:33 PM
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A few items left

I will be closing this sale tonight and saving remaining items until the next round in my perpetual den editing Smile

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 11-13-2015, 06:26 AM
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All wrapped up.  Thanks everyone!

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