11-12-2015, 03:50 AM
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I picked this one because it was super cheap on connaught (the 40gr travel package) and the other LEA creams I had, the Professional and Menthol were nice.

My opinion:
That cream is very dense (needs a lot of water) and it offers top notch protection for the skin. The lather is slick with a lot of cushion or whatever the agreed-upon-name for it these days is. 
It has the usual LEA scent you would find in the Professional and Menthol, which was referred to here as "barbershop" scent. I haven't been to a barbershop in my life so I cannot relate. I always thought it was a nice scent but I was not overly enthusiastic about it. 
However, there is something about this one and it is growing on me.

Post shave it is average: nothing like Mike's or MWF, rather more in line with the usual creams such as Proraso or TOBS. Good enough.

For my skin, and for my way of shaving/lathering/brushing etc, I find this cream to be excellent, and I actually rank it the same or slightly even higher - performance wise -  than some of the big names such as Dr Harris or TOBS, etc. 

Because the new "Classic" cream from LEA also reads "sensitive" on the package, I figured the good folks at LEA know their business and decided to get that one as well. If it has similar performance with different nice scent, it would be a winner. Once I get to use it I would share my thoughts.

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