11-12-2015, 05:48 AM
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a very pretty hollow ground straight that came to me from my norwegian family - stamped ‘C.V. EIGEN, SOLINGEN, 102’ and a star shape. the razor is of very high quality and in great condition, metal backed real mother-of-pearl scales. size about 5/8. it has one tight and stable crack near bottom pin, see first photo - and could need a polish/plating and a good hone - but other than that, it is a gem. blade aligns perfectly into scales. please pm me readily for questions or more pics.

i am looking for a trade with a good kanayama cordovan strop, 50k or higher - or to a nice vintage thuringian hone.

cheers Smile

[Image: JstiBHX.jpg]

[Image: ZLPsASw.jpg]

[Image: pqglDOd.jpg]

[Image: uVBQN12.jpg]

[Image: XZNqAzR.jpg]

[Image: uIN2uri.jpg]

[Image: C7DueGJ.jpg]

[Image: amcuEVR.jpg]

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 11-13-2015, 08:00 AM
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fellows - i am no longer looking to trade for a strop - only for a vintage thuringian hone Love

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