11-15-2015, 07:55 AM
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A used puck of Penhaligon English Fern Shaving Soap, in a wood bowl.  

There are 96 grams left of a 100 gram puck.  $50 shipped CONUS.

[Image: 9VrlQHG.jpg][Image: Fno9ysu.jpg][Image: 051bnUB.jpg][Image: vWVMoRS.jpg]

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 11-15-2015, 08:20 AM
  • Boonie21
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Is this the non tallow version?

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 11-15-2015, 08:44 AM
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(11-15-2015, 08:20 AM)Boonie21 Wrote: Is this the non tallow version?

I honestly don't know.  How would I tell?  
I got it as part of a package lot, and it didn't come with the box.  
It lathers beautifully, but the scent does not appeal to me.  
That's all I know.

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 11-15-2015, 10:41 AM
  • grantmm
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I LOVE this scent.  If I could be left with two soaps to use for all time, it would be between this and AoS sandalwood.  This is tallow, and it is glorious!

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