11-15-2015, 03:57 PM
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Cleaning out the Den Part 1. Whole lot going for $120 $100 Shipped Conus  pm if interested great deal here folks

1. Mystic waters Frankincense & Myrrh Used 1x
2. Mystic Waters Coconut lime verbena Used 1x
3. Soap Commander Vision New
4. Chiseled Face Cryogen Used 1x
5. Geo F Trumpers lime New
6. Van Yuley citrus blast Used 3x
7. Mickey lee soap works Drunken Goat Used 2x
8. Nanny Silly Soap Ice & Slice Used 1x
9. Caties bubbles Royal Garden Used 1x
10. Gingers garden Havana Cognac Used 1x
11. Shannons Soap Black Magic New

[Image: jw33UYI.jpg]

Havana After shave Used 1x
Havana Balm Used 1x
Cyrogen AS Used 1x
Fine Vetiver Used 2x

[Image: 40INsli.jpg]

Not looking to split. Person who takes the lot gets first shot at the next den clearing which will have hard to find items. PM if interested.

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 11-15-2015, 04:42 PM
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Price reduction

9 270
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