11-16-2015, 08:12 AM
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A few days ago I received a DaVinci Uomo 299 brush with the Kebony handle. After a shampoo and a couple of hand lathers I have used it for two shaves.  I've been wanting to experience various knots from those with lots of backbone and scrubby to softer more compliant like this DaVinci. I think my most compliant knot may be the Savile Row 3824.

The handle is a drop shape which is quite different from any of my other brushes and actually quite nice to use. It does require a different grip but I find it comfortable. Being a 22-23 mm knot this is a rather petite brush. The Kebony has a very natural feel to it even though it is a processed, sustainable wood.  There is no glossy finish.

This is the first knot I've used that is soft enough to lose it's shape during lathering. Yesterday I used a hard soap, I Coloniali, and it took longer than usual to load enough soap. Today I used RazoRock Amici which is much softer and was rewarded with a nice thick lather. In fact the soap was much thirstier than expected and took a bit of water to reach the desired consistency. When drying the brush I noticed a bit of badger smell- even after several lathers I was a bit surprised by this.

I face lathered and found I could really direct the lather dependent on how much force I applied to the brush. So with little force the brush feels much like a soft paint brush and allows for very good control. With more pressure the knot splays easily for lather building. With pressure there is still enough face feel for a bit of scrub.

All in all this bulb lies at the soft and pliable end of the spectrum, with my manchurians and Vie-Long Epsilon at the other.

A nice addition to the lineup, though it will be reserved for softer soaps.

*** For whatever reason the price of the brush on Amazon has risen more than $20 the past few days.
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 11-16-2015, 08:16 AM
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I have the 293, which is similar only with black resin handle instead of wood.
The quality of this brush is very high. The handle design is superb, for my taste.
It is a bit floppy, but not terribly so.

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 11-16-2015, 08:43 AM
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Chris, good to hear you are enjoying the brush! Thumbsup

That knot would be just too small and soft for me.

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 11-16-2015, 08:44 AM
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(11-16-2015, 08:43 AM)celestino Wrote: Chris, good to hear you are enjoying the brush! Thumbsup

That knot would be just too small and soft for me.

Thanks. I would have thought so too but I had to try one out to really know. It's really a different experience.

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 11-16-2015, 08:46 AM
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It's hard to convince folks how nice that type of brush handle feels until they put it in hand. I have a Shavemac of very similar style, and the DaVinci's caught my eye when they started a while back.
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 11-16-2015, 12:02 PM
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Sounds like a brush that would suit me.

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 11-16-2015, 02:24 PM
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l have tried a few different Da Vinci models and have found that I actually prefer the smaller knots as they have less splay than the larger models.  I settled on the 296 as it had a more traditional handle shape (most likely from House of Blos) and I didn't care for the faux ebony round handles.  The wooden handle that you have shown is very attractive though.

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