11-17-2015, 03:35 PM
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Dear Nookers,[Image: WaAZG4E.jpg]
As a result of my trials and errors, I  finally identified a few of my "perfect" razors and now I am ready to start selling other razors from my shave den, one step at a time. A single item for sale today - a Hoffritz Slant. I acquired this slant right here at TSN and then used a few times only, worked great but this is not my cup of tea, YMMV.  This is a rare Hoffritz Slant Safety Razor made in Germany, but sold in the USA alone. The head seems to have a slightly mottled finish. The razor looks great, no dents. Likely dating from the 1950s, these Hoffritz slants are highly rated as a shaver and as a collector's item as they outperform their modern Merkur counterparts. I paid $115 about a year ago. I will ask $115, CONUS, shipped - PENDING FUNDS; SOLD NOW
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