11-20-2015, 04:04 PM
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For sale British Aristocrat #58, cased, enough said. I have an additional Aristocrat 58 that I will keep for life. I just do not need the second identical razor. The case is sort of OK. The razor itself, by and large, is overall in original, pristine shape. Unfortunately, there is a tiny, tiny, barely visible dent (indicated by an arrow in the provided picture) in end cap that makes this razor a notch below the top collectors’ quality. I do not know how to value this razor. I ask $165, shipped, CONUS.  If you believe the value is lower or higher, please, correct me. NOW $155.
[Image: 43FAixy.jpg]
[Image: AfKj3zM.jpg]
[Image: SpLDw5Y.jpg]
[Image: d8b4n6T.jpg]

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