11-20-2015, 09:01 PM
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I went to one of our local outlets today and visited the C&E store to buy a few shaving products and ended up getting a great deal. I checked the prices on the shaving creams and balms and the regular size creams are 3.5 oz for $15, and the balms are 3.4 oz for $32. I couldn't decide between Moroccan Myrrh and Indian Sandalwood so I figured I would buy a smaller Sandalwood to try first. They had a 1.8 oz smaller tube for only $6 that is identical in ingredients and even comes in the same nice tube as the larger size only smaller. If you do the math it's a better deal to buy 2 of those for $12 rather than one larger one for $15, which is odd but a no brainer. There was one problem though, they only had the smaller size available in Indian Sandalwood and I wanted to try Myrrh too. I went to the counter to ask about it and they actually had some gift bags on the counter (only 2 left) that included 1 smaller size Myrrh 1.8 oz and 1 smaller size Myrrh balm 1.7 oz for $6 total with any purchase, and the small balms were not available for purchase, just in the gift bag. The full size balms are $32 so the small balm has a value of $16 and the shaving cream has a value of $6 (really $7.50 since large is double size for $15), thus $22 of products for $6. So I went to checkout with just buying one small Sandalwood for $6 and then get the gift bag with Myrrh balm and shave cream for additional $6, but for some reason when she scanned the gift bag it deducted $3 twice and made it free. She scanned it a few times and totaled it and it deducted the $6 every time, and since the manager stepped out she didn't know what to do so said I could have the gift bag for free. The receipt shows everything scanned and looks correct but was making an error deducting the $6 according to her. In the end I got 2 small shaving creams which equal one full size which cost $15, and one aftershave balm which is equal to $16, all for $6. Not bad, $31 for $6.

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 11-21-2015, 05:41 AM
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Where was this, what is her name and when does she work?

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