11-21-2015, 10:28 AM
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I have a Rubberset 400 that I need to put a new knot in.  I put in a 24mm TGN 2-band set at 50 which is okay.  It looks a little ratty and doesn't bloom much and looks so much smaller than a couple other 24mm brushes I have.  I'm thinking of going with a Shavemac regular silvertip bulb  24x48.  I used to own a Shavemac silvertip that I liked, but it was 23x54 and didn't really care for the loft.  I face lather exclusively with primarily soaps.  Was hoping someone here has some experience with their regular silvertip could weigh in.  I already have a few custom brushes from Shavemac with d01 2-band and 3-bands, silvertip 2-band, and one of their regular finest.  So I figured why not get a regular silvertip knot and round out my collection.  Thanks for the help guys!!

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 11-21-2015, 10:51 PM
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I admittedly have an extremely limited experience with Shavemac's Silvertip but will chime in anyway. Mine is a 25mm/50mm fan and I use it exclusively for face lathering. The loft is both very soft and floppy but for me, having a sensitive skin, that's not a bad thing. If I need backbone for loading I just pinch the hair a little bit effectively reducing the loft and making it more firm. If one wants backbone and scrub I would suggest going with the 1:2 ratio for a bulb and lower for fan with the Silvertip, but again that's just my speculation. Hope someone better equipped will throw a few ideas too and good luck in choosing. 


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