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I'm trying to thin out my den since I've been on a buying spree lately. I would like to sell as two lots to minimize shipping costs and trips to the post office, or one lot works too. I listed 4 options below by just swapping the SB and CB which I am charging the same price for since they cost the same new and have about the same levels. I purchased all of these soaps new and kept them clean. You will not find any synthetic fibers in these soaps.

Method of payment = Paypal
Will ship today if purchased in time.

Lot Option #1 = $28 shipped
CRSW Savon 1 - Brand new, never used. I have a Puro Fresco with balm so I'm keeping that and selling this one.
Soapy Bathman Orange Ouli - Around 85% full, it's a hard soap should last a long time. The scent on this one is incredible if you like a dark orange scent, and performance is exceptional. 

Lot Option #2 = $18 shipped
Catie's Bubbles LMR - At least 85% or more left. Excellent scent and performance again, but I need to thin out the heard.
TOBS Eton College - Around 85% left, but this one didn't come full to the top and was shifted to the side. I haven't used it more than 10 times.

Lot Option #3
CRSW and Catie's $28 shipped

Lot Option #4
Soapy Bathman and TOBS = $18 shipped

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