07-06-2012, 12:52 PM
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I bid on a Super Adjustable Monday and won. It came with some blades I like and an unknown razor. I got the razors yesterday, and still have no idea what the second one is.

Here is the auction: Auction Link

Here is a picture of the two razor I took this morning.

The Super Adjustable came in its case. It had the freebie blade holder in it, and the blade in the razor was the freebie. There was a little bit of soap under the bar, but none around the base. I guessed it must have been used once, and put away. It looks great. Got a great shave this morning from it! (Just noticed it the pic you can see the glue spot on the 7o'clock Sharpedge I used it the shave this morning. The razor looks brand new.)

The other razor has no markings on it. It has a solid metal handle with a metal TTO dial near the top. I feels like a quality razor, but no brand name or model number. My initial thought was maybe a Parker because of its heft, but I have not found anything like it online.

If anyone has an idea as to the second razor's identity I would love to know.

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