11-23-2015, 12:03 PM
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I have 4 soaps and 2 creams that I would like to trade for a puck of Mitchell's Wool Fat shaving soap,     TRADED, PLEASE ARCHIVE.
and something else; but I don't know what that something else might be.  

The soaps I have are RazoRock P160 original (45%?), RazoRock XXX 5 oz original (70%?), 
Straight Razor Designs Sweet Patchouli (lathered once), and La Toja Jabon stick (95%).  

The creams I have are Mazorin Ockham's Razor 150ml (85%?), 
and New York Shaving Co. Elizabeth Street for Sensitive Skin 2 oz. (New).  

Thank you for considering my offer.

[Image: jnYGuJJ.jpg][Image: pYxazDI.jpg]

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