11-23-2015, 07:54 PM
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Hey Nookers,

The following prices include shipping (CONUS only, PayPal only). Please note that I've added another brush and reduced the prices of the Shavemac and Rooney. 

SOLD: Wolf Whiskers Patriot Swirl with 24mm TGN HMW knot (Sold)- $85, Wolf Whiskers Copper Swirl Synthetic- $45 (Sold), Plisson & Sterling- $45 (Sold)

Still available:

Shavemac Opus Summum No.1- purchased for about $190, was selling for $140 now $115.

Rooney Style 1 Size 2 Super Silvertip- purchased for $100, was selling for $75 now $60.

[Image: CQyha1p.jpg]

New offering:

Nathan Clark 2-band- purchased for $110, asking for $75.

[Image: KlYJr3Z.jpg]

Please PM me with any questions.

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