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I have three favorite creams:  Crown Shaving Co, The Gentlemens Refinery The Standard, and any flavor that has DR Harris in front of it.  I like them because they come in the consistency that I like, they smell great, they lather up in a bowl really well, their performance is excellent and they're great for my skin.  

I've tried a bunch of other creams and I'm always trying more.  So far, while some creams have come close, none have knocked off one of the three above.  There are a lot of really good creams out there, but there are some, well, rather weird ones as well.  Not bad necessarily, but weird.  

Like, for instance, Portland General Store's Racer cream.  I can't figure this one out.  It won't lather, so I apply it by dipping my brush into the tub, then paint it onto my face.  Smells great, looks disgusting.  Decent glide, rinses off easily.  I actually get a pretty good shave with it, but I can't get past the lack of lather or the vomit look of the glop in the tub.  This constant dipping into the tub means it's not going to last very long, which is a good thing.  PGS makes a great aftershave, btw.

And JS Sloane.  Looks like pink pudding.  It also doesn't lather.  I have to use my hands to smear it on my face.  Super slick.  Doesn't rinse easily, which makes it difficult to hold the razor.  Gets an A for packaging, though, as do all the JSS products.  Their aftershave balm looks like mucus or um, lets just stick with mucus.

And Al's Goodfellas.  Love the name but the cream wasn't very creamy.  Almost felt like Barbasol on my face, like it has air injected into it somehow.  I blew through that small tub in record time.

And NY Shaving Co Red Label.  I loved the consistency.  I loved the scent.  I loved the lather.  I loved the shaves.  Unfortunately, it burned my face afterwards for hours.  What's weird about that is no other product I've ever come across burns my face for hours. One of these days I'm going to try their green label because everything else about this cream was perfect, so good that it was almost worth having my face burn for hours.  Almost but not quite.  I finally binned it after about a week of walking around with my face feeling like it was being slow cooked for dinner.

Anyway, those are just some of the weird ones.  I hope I didn't step on anyone's toes.  If one of those is your favorite, that's absolutely cool by me and it just goes to show that wet shaving's a big tent with room for everybody.

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 11-27-2015, 09:47 PM
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I haven't tried any of those creams before but hear good things about Al's and DR Harris. The only cream I have right now is XPEC, with the exception of an old TOBS that I haven't used in forever and probably never will. I had a sample of Castle Forbes a while back and found it to be exceptional in performance and the scent was great too. I'm sold on XPEC though, and not sure why I waited so long to try it with all the positive reviews it receives.

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