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Three tubs for sale of the "ultra rare"...

SCHEERZEEP DUTCH MOSS, by the man himself in The Netherlands - Dr. Henk.

[Image: P1030029_zpsgo8zcsli.jpg]

These are essentially two original plastic tubs, which I personally sourced from Dr. Henk back in 2011.
Both contain his exquisite, tallow-containing, beyond-criticism performing and highly desirable soap in "Dutch Moss" scent.

The specific batch is "Y10M11D06 1" (essentially means production date November 2010).
These soaps have been diligently kept in my refrigerator all these years.

[Image: P1030030_zpscxnkyqsg.jpg]

1. Large original "Dr. Henk" transparent tub: 91.2gr (main tub dish + soap, screw-in lid excluded).
2. Small #1 aluminium container (50ml nominal): 49.4gr (main tub + soap, screw-in lid excluded).
3. Small #2 aluminium container (50ml nominal): 43.9gr (main tub + soap, screw-in lid excluded).

Items no. 2 and no. 3 (i.e. the two small aluminium containers) contain the contents of a large original Dr. Henk plastic tub. 
That tub was identical to item no. 1 above, but cracked during transportation and I had to move it over to other containers.

[Image: P1030034_zpsajkdln9h.jpg]

[Image: P1030031_zpspka3vxxm.jpg] 

[Image: P1030032_zpsbgjjptsz.jpg]

[Image: P1030033_zpslmwwundn.jpg]

[Image: P1030035_zpsogolu1aa.jpg]

[Image: P1030036_zpsdpllmdq0.jpg]

[Image: P1030037_zpsvkxel8kt.jpg]

Item no.1 (large tub): Eur 90 / £ 63 / U.S.$ 95 (includes PayPal fees and Registered shipping E.U. or U.S.);
Item no. 2 (small #1 aluminium container, 49.4gr): Eur 50 / £ 35 / U.S.$ 53 (includes PayPal fees and Registered shipping E.U. & U.S.);
Item no. 3 (small #1 aluminium container, 43.9gr): Eur 45 / £ 32 / U.S.$ 48 (includes PayPal fees and Registered shipping E.U. & U.S.)

Thanks for viewing.

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