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I have a 1959 Fatboy in perfect shaving condition, with a flea bite or two on the edge. Works great as is, or you could replate. $50

I also have a bottle of B&M Roam, perhaps the manliest aftershave I've ever smelt. The level is right at the top of the label. $25 *Traded*

Get both for $75

All prices shipped CONUS PayPal only. International shipping at cost.

Open to trade offers as well for other software, such as B&M Lavanille soap+ AS, Grand Chypre, or combination of cash and software.

[Image: b1ce68032558787dff23ffa1d45345a9.jpg]
[Image: 0b104f7221bf30da7a1ddcaa3c985b3e.jpg]
[Image: 5ba36d3b3c00e865ffa71fcf9ec89a2d.jpg]
[Image: 00d1e76ad56db1696a6b01e82337d0a3.jpg]

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