12-07-2015, 06:52 PM
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Hi all,

A few things I'd like to list for sale today:

1940's Gillette Superspeed "no date." Very nice condition, came from an ebay seller that tunes them up a bit before selling. Cost me $40 last year. Asking $27 shipped conus. SOLD!

[Image: 57c0d23ab8666d861b2efccf86b0935b.jpg]

[Image: 642aa0dd2a685103843779300a9b5b27.jpg]

[Image: 4d600fdfdcc75d8e5507bb3722d300d7.jpg]

[Image: 9304de73a31030ebc9e1a07502905fa0.jpg]

97% full Stirling Hot Apple Cider splash with menthol & 95% full Stirling Hot Apple Cider shaving soap. Asking $20 shipped conus

[Image: 238b0839af55d9b9796707da538009f6.jpg]

[Image: 8ba6e5daff81ab79163fa58b6fcaaec1.jpg]

[Image: cffaab43f2e4dae89122599425183ee6.jpg]

Portland General Store Whiskey soap (used 4-5 times) & Portland General Store 60ml Whiskey AS 90% full. Asking $20 shipped conus.

[Image: 818b5786c519f947bf2b7831ded38b13.jpg]

[Image: 6264869e10629ff4b5b9440a0a177a42.jpg]

275 grams of 3P soap, that's a big chunkSmile Asking $13 shipped conus. SOLD!!!

[Image: 2ae86faf3db19307ef3d274a5f86bc7a.jpg]

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 12-07-2015, 08:02 PM
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Nice SS and price! GLWTS!

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 12-08-2015, 06:21 AM
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Superspeed sold, thanks!

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 12-08-2015, 08:05 AM
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This 3P Soap is perhaps one of the most underrated among the best Old Traditional Italian soaps I have ever tried. Surprised it is still not claimed. I still have over 500gr left from the brick I purchased from an esteemed fellow member, but if it does not sell until tomorrow I will be compelled to take it Smile


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 12-08-2015, 09:40 AM
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3P sold, thanks!

Combo the Stirling and PGS for $36 total shipped conus.

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 12-12-2015, 07:35 AM
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Ok, let me add approximately 60 grams of SdBB 10% Donkey Milk Menthe shave stick which has been grated into a tub for loading on the brush. $36 shipped for the SdBB, Stirling items and the PGS items.

[Image: 88b8f63e1f5c75ba7797e0cc840aa6a1.jpg]

[Image: 8bdf31ca82b696e004a518e558592c21.jpg]

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