12-09-2015, 05:42 AM
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I purchased several different sized brushes to see which I liked best for size/grip and have settled on a Duke 3 from Simpson along with a Semogue Boar as my favorites.    I am not a collector and have no need to keep extra brushes in my den.   Each of these brushes are excellent and only because I am not a fan of their grips(or size), am I passing them on for the next to enjoy.  

I have additional photos of each brush upon request.

*******The Lord Randall in the middle is to be ignored as is already sold from a prior posting.******

All brushes have been properly sanitized/cleaned and are ready for immediate use.  

Prices include CONUS shipping.

Thater 49125/4:   $ 135.-- SOLD!!!!!
     In excellent condition and barely used.   All lettering is in perfect condition like new.  This thing is just a monster for my face and my name is not Andre.  
          Knot:     30mm
          Loft:      60mm

WSP Stubby Superfine:  $ 55.--
     When I received this brush it was brand new and shed a few hairs like new brushes can often do.    It stopped shedding after about the 5th use and is an excellent brush.  It is baby smooth when lathered up.                    
          Knot:     26mm
          Loft:      53mm
[Image: X1racvZ.jpg][Image: JvUZfSn.jpg]

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 12-11-2015, 04:49 AM
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I added another photo of the Stubby so folks could get a good view of how nice it is!!! As I mentioned it is silky smooth!!!

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