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One supposes that we all proceed upon the assumptions that some aspects of 21st century life are so commonplace that they are beyond needing to be explained to educated adults.  Perhaps we are wrong.

I ran across this interesting article today.  It is an explanation of the Bevel “system” apparently directed to an audience whom the author assumes to be naïve in respect of the use of a double edge razor.  Within the article, the author explains about how a double edge safety razor is to be assembled and used.  His caution:  

Quote:Upon opening your initial starter kit from Bevel, you will immediately appreciate the quality of the safety razor. Notably heavier than the multi-bladed safety razor you may be accustomed to, this substantial piece of metal will require some mastering. This safety razor consists of three parts: the handle and a head that further divides into a top half (the cap) and bottom half (base plate). The handle unscrews from the head, and the once the top and bottom half separate, the gentleman will be able to insert the razor blade in the resulting space between the two.

If you are subject to clumsy fingertips, the assembly may prove to be cumbersome. And when dealing with fresh, sharp razor blades, the last thing you desire is slicing open a finger much deeper than a paper cut. Nevertheless, treated with the proper respect, a gentleman should not be in any immediate danger of cutting himself. Each razor blade is individually packaged in a waxy paper sheath and housed in a small box. The blade fits neatly on three prongs located on the cap. The base plate is then secured on the bottom by screwing in the handle.

I’ve found that pinching the head with the pointer finger and thumb while unscrewing the handle yields the best results. Once unscrewed, lay the head upside down in the palm, remove the bottom half, and then remove or insert the razor blade – ensuring you are grasping the dull ends of the blade. Once properly assembled, you are ready to shave.

The entire article is written in this engaging didactic tone that is quite refreshing.  

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 12-09-2015, 05:53 PM
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Dont cut yourself but hold the head by the dull edgrs and twist....

Isnt that a blender?

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 12-09-2015, 08:49 PM
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Having spent much of my professional life managing and teaching new hires, I would apologize for going back to kindergarten level, but insisted on explaining the use, care, and cleaning of machines. In a wood working environment you don't know what you don't know until the spinning blades snatch the piece of work out of your hands and throw it at you.
I think that's why high schools hire guys with missing digits to teach wood shop.

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