12-11-2015, 12:21 PM
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Last weekend I bought a lot of six mostly Gem SE razors at an estate sale.  
So over the last week I shaved with them all, and made these observations:  

Both the Star Junior and the Ever Ready 1924, secure the blade to the baseplate, and provide a more aggressive shave.  
While the Gem Damaskeene, the G-Bar, and the Featherweight, all secure the blade to the top-cap, and provide a less aggressive shave.
The Micro-Matics are in the middle, with the Open Comb and Clog Pruf being equally aggressive, and the Bullet Tip less so.

My favorite of the lot, and the one I will certainly keep is the Star Junior 1912.  
To me it gives the same shave as the Ever Ready 1924, without the blade loading / blade alignment issues.
The rest I will likely sell or trade here on this forum.  Thank you.

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 12-14-2015, 03:15 AM
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Thank you for the comparison of those different models of SE's. I have a number of them mentioned (1912, GEM Jr., G-Bar, 1924, MMOC), plus the 1914. I really like them all and am impressed at what a nice shave they all provide. What really stands out is the lack of razor burn and great post shave feel.

The 1924 and blade alignment issue - could it be improved by tweaking the spring on the top cap? I have a couple of them and one needed a tweak - as I could move the blade when top cap is closed with the back edge of my thumbnail. One I moved the spring away from the back of the top cap slightly - this prevented me from being able to move the blade with thumbnail.

At the moment I think the 1914 is at the top with the MMOC. The 1924 is just a step behind. The 1914 has very small blade stops and can be tricky to load, but I like the angle the head is at.

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 12-14-2015, 09:57 PM
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Interesting thread... One observation that I would make is that I believe the GEM Damaskeene is a more complicated razor to describe.  My experience with it is that it is such a smooth shaver, it gives the feeling that it is a milder, less aggressive shaver than it really is.  Not the most aggressive SE, but in spite of its gentle feel on your skin, a two pass shave gives me a very close shave.  Very effective.  Anyone else have this experience with their DAMASKEENE?

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