12-13-2015, 12:42 AM
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I've reduced the prices on the remaining items as low as I can go. 

Buy all three and I'll throw in free shipping. 

Edwin Jagger EJ282 XL Synthetic Silvertip - 58mm Loft / 25mm Knot - Faux horn handle - $60  $50
Barely used. Includes original tube. Amazing brush, but I just prefer my badgers. 

[Image: cKmrRlX.jpg][Image: vNfmH0q.jpg]

Edwin Jagger EJ282 L Synthetic Silvertip - 53mm Loft / 23mm Knot - Faux horn handle - $45  $40
The little bother of the brush above. Barely used. Includes original tube. 

[Image: tS2tePx.jpg][Image: oFe0lEs.jpg]

Semogue Owner's Club Boar - 57mm Loft / 24mm Knot - Cherry handle - $30 $25
A big, soft brush that still has good backbone. Nicely broken-in. 

[Image: 5FUeZa3.jpg]

All my brushes are in excellent shape, and have been used with only unscented soaps. They will come to you cleaned and odor-free. 

CONUS SHIPPING ONLY - $8 for USPS Priority Mail
PAYMENT BY PAYPAL ONLY - I'll cover the fees


Wolfman Razors WR1-SB head in brushed finish - $110  - SOLD
Perfect condition (any apparent flaws are just reflections in the photos).

[Image: XAkCvMJ.jpg]
[Image: CdR0IRr.jpg]

Paladin Chief - 51mm Loft / 26mm Knot - Bulb shape - Faux horn handle - $155 - SOLD
This one might be a 52mm loft (haven't actually measured it).
Another great brush, but I find myself reaching for my M&F Chief more often. 

[Image: Uzxn2n0.jpg][Image: K7Ib0dE.jpg]

Shavemac Silvertip 2-band 52mm Loft / 26mm Knot - Bulb shape - Blue marble handle (non-standard shape) - $165  SOLD

Only test lathered once. Includes original box.
The Shavemac silvertip 2-band is everything you've heard and more. Soft on the face but with great backbone.
It's just too big for me, especially the handle. For someone with bigger hands, this brush would be perfection. 
I love this brush so much that I'm going to order another, slightly smaller Shavemac silvertip 2-band with a slimmer handle. 
However, I can't let myself pull the trigger until this one is sold. Help a guy get his dream brush!

[Image: OmQ0Udb.jpg][Image: ifyMUSt.jpg]

Semogue Owner's Club 2012 Special Edition (Discontinued) - 55mm Loft / 24mm Knot - Mixed boar / finest badger - $75 - SOLD

NEVER USED - Still in original packaging. I liked this brush so much I bought a back-up. 
This is the same knot used in the well respected 2010 Caravela brush.

[Image: FSXMlqq.jpg][Image: JzKQMLN.jpg]

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 12-20-2015, 06:23 PM
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The two EJ synthetic silvertips and the SOC boar are still available.

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