12-15-2015, 11:16 AM
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This Israeli bath and beauty products chain has opened up a flagship store near where I work in midtown Manhattan.
I asked if they have any shave goods, and they do: a cream (for use with brushes) and a balm.

I then asked if they have samples, but alas, they do not have them packaged.
Maybe I'll bring a vial and ask if they can spare a bit from the tester tube.

Meanwhile, does anyone know this line firsthand?

I also tested their eau de toilette. It's nice, and my wife thinks so too.

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 12-21-2015, 04:58 AM
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I've now had a chance to try the Laline shave goods, thanks to a friendly manager who did filled a small container with some of the cream. I also got to try the balm.

All have the same scent as the eau de toilette, which I find to be really nice. I'm told that ginger and pepper are among the key notes. The balm in particular is quite strongly scented, if you like that (I know some people feel quite the opposite way). It felt good too.

I tried the cream this morning, bowl-lathering with my Omega 48.
Again, the scent is really nice -- but my first impression of performance wasn't overly favorable, but I'll give it a couple more chances.

It isn't a very-high-end line, but it's not moderately priced either.

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