12-18-2015, 04:18 PM
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i do. i really do. handle doesn't really make a ton of difference, but one of the limited ones is always a plus.

i can buy outright, i also have these i can offer as a trade. thanks for looking, everyone.

[Image: vJeKC-BYp-sY5wfFhxtKJOv3fdMG4U0-qVJrMNga...4-h1768-no]
^ simpson 2 band in a somerset handle.

[Image: jNNcmKuVDJ9QVftndnNIm9R9C2PiIfYWBQN7oXLC...4-h1768-no]

 [Image: cjlBx5zkpp79_VSAjZ81Kpkxop8uzWz7GF_lh0W8...4-h1768-no]^^ rooney urn/pl 2 with the softest tips i've ever felt on a brush.

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