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Eight 5-packs (40 cartridges total) of NOS Wilkinson Sword WII cartridges for Trac II, Schick Super II, and compatibles.  These cartridges have NO lubricating strips, but the blades are coated with chromium, ceramic, and PFTE.  In the roughly 20 years that I shaved with Trac II type cartridges, I regarded the WII cartridges as the best of breed, and sought them out and stashed them; these are the remainder of my circa 1987 stash.  

[Image: kRrIHCb.jpg]

Each 5-pack comes with a valuable 25¢ (one-quarter dollar!) coupon that has no expiration date — but which can be applied only to the purchase of the identical product.  (Good luck with that.)

[Image: E3z4Ik2.jpg]

CONUS only.  Price $42 + shipping.  Shipping will be by USPS Priority Small Box:  $5.95 from my local contract post office.

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