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This is a look at an odd one.I have never seen any Denim a/s in my life,supposedly it was popular around the time I was in high school.At my school  Brut,Jovan Musk,Hai Karate and Polo were what I remember.I have seen it mentioned on this forum many times so I decided to research it.The regular denim a/s really had no description of the scent but this Musk did.It was described as a green woodsy scent,cool.So I ordered some off Amazon for $9 and free shipping.

  The package arrived and I fought with it a few minutes(reaaally well wrapped) before resorting to a knife.A green paper box containing a heavy square sculpted  glass bottle with a black octagonal top filled with a little under 4oz of dark green liquid.I opened the bottle and took a sniff hmmmm.Nice.Green and woodsy notes kind of like a concentrated liquified Speedstick green type scent.I shaved and splashed some on.I had a good shave so not much sting.after a few minutes the greennotes faded away and a sweet powdery scent came to the fore(online  this is said to be patchouli).This remained for an hour or so then a mint note emerged followed by very light camphor note.A waitress at the restaurant I was having  lunch at walked up and said"who's using carmex" I allowed that that was a new a/s I was trying.She sniffed and commented "minty".The woodsy note remained low throughout,eventually the  sweet powder note fades a bit.So you end up with a a minty -camphor sweet powdery scent.Not sure where the Musk is.

I am not sure how I like this stuff,I really wish the opening green woodsy noted stayed in the fore.I get the feeling this may be a spring time scent.

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