12-24-2015, 01:57 AM
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Hey guys !

This is the part 2 of my Hardware sale. Couldn't fit everything on one post, so here you go =P ! Second part right here !

- Semogue 2013 LE Silvertip -- 100$

This is another little gem of the shaving IMO. These brushes usually go for quite cheap for how much brush you get. This is an amazing LE done by Semogue and with his beautiful, it's well worth the price (even new) for this brush. The tips are incredible ! Just painting your hand with the dry brush is an amazing feeling. The tips are cloud like. Density is on point allowing for a great flow of the lather. Stunning brush !

[Image: KupD27E.jpg]
[Image: jGwAnuI.jpg]

 - Semogue 2012 LE mixed knot -- 50$

Surprisingly, another little gem by Semogue. The mixed knot gives a good scrub and it is a soap destroyer ! You do not need to load a lot with this brush and it makes tones of lather. Great face feel ! You get a lot of brush for the price !

[Image: apMN1Ci.jpg]
[Image: qGxhBtY.jpg]
[Image: PXQu8qj.jpg]


***SOLD***- Gillette Big Fellow 1921 -- 20$ ***SOLD***

[Image: HPZ52j7.jpg]
[Image: jJjd9Ad.jpg]

- Gillette British Tech 1963 -- 20$

[Image: NeZx7O4.jpg]
[Image: pqb0tLI.jpg]

- Merkur 39C *THE SLEDGEHAMMER * ! (Slant) -- 40$

[Image: fUwQnQ7.jpg]

- Parker 65R -- 20$

[Image: LdbnUjv.jpg]

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 12-24-2015, 08:44 AM
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Did I read that right or is Tapatalk messing with me?! A Big Fellow went for $20?!

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 12-24-2015, 06:17 PM
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Hi everybody,

Thanks for the inquiries ! I'm truly sorry I've been literally swarmed by PMs from these threads and I'm doing my best to get back to everybody as soon as possible. Plus, it's Christmas Eve and I'm having a family gathering for the occasion. Again, please excuse me for the delay. I'll get back to everybody as soon as I can.

Happy holidays guys !


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 12-25-2015, 07:49 AM
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That Semogue 2012 LE mixed knot - is a fantastic brush

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