12-24-2015, 04:18 PM
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I was just walking into the bathroom to check on my kit after a hurried toilet and out the door this A.M. this coincided with a huge
Valley, or White Oaktree succumbing to our recent rainstorm and crashing down. It mercifully missed everything. But the impact shook the entire apt building so hard I could only think EARTHQUAKE!
A open tin of Klar Seiffen flew off the counter and hit the floor. The soap was discharged with enough force to impact the opposite wall leaving a crescent dent, ricochet into Pyewacket's litter tray kicking gavel all over and land at my feet. These things are 57MM
same caliber as a rapid fire deck gun. The tin ruptured like a failed cartridge case.
This is not 'Distressed' tins people!
I thought about writing a nasty letter to whoever makes these. Then I calmed down, remembered a true story and played the music.

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