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[Image: SZjiWKW.jpg]First up is a Simpsons Chubby 3 in best badger.I am the original owner of this brush but almost never reach for it.It's a wall of badger and super soft.It has never shed a single hair. I paid 220.00 new-asking 170.00-Comes with the original box

Baume.Be after shave balm Used once. Paid 38.00 @-BGS-yours 20.00-Take the Chubby 3 and get the Baume .Be for free!

Soap lots1:ABC soap pressed into a plastic container-SOLD

La Savonniere Du Moulin Tempte in an Ikea Grundtal-SOLD

Both around 90% -65.00-sale pending-SOLD

Soap lot 2:CRSW Savon #1 SOAP LOT 2 IS SOLD

Strop Shoppe Baker Street

IB Acquato(new)

Mon Savon Du Barb(new)

Original P160-Tipo Morbido

Original P160 Tipo Duro

PannaCrema Nostalgia

Both in  P160 are in Ikea Grundtals- 
Entire soap lot :70.00
Pay Pal conus 
Send PM with questions
Happy holidays nookers
s[Image: sAzsyff.jpg][Image: It6tJnK.jpg][Image: qIdjuLA.jpg][Image: Kd3wFF3.jpg][Image: NSTtQW0.jpg][Image: MzjeV6D.jpg][Image: 1gcnKg1.jpg][Image: i9AfbxZ.jpg][Image: 92en1ao.jpg][Image: b441ryB.jpg]

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how much of the p.160s is there?

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