12-26-2015, 05:10 PM
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Up for sale is a collection of 3 Gibbs razors that I would like to sell as a lot.

1) The Gibbs Click Pen: This Gibbs razor takes standard DE blades and has a spring loaded and hinged top cap. When you press the button on the bottom of the razor, the top pops open for blade changes. It has 6 adjustment settings. It is overall in very good condition but does have some surface scratches as well as a pinhole loss of plating on the number 6. Mechanically, it works great.

2) The Gibbs Plus/Minus razor: This razor may have been the inspiration behind the iKon OSS. The plus side is more aggressive than the minus side (although both sides are generally mild). This razor takes GIBBS Proprietary blades or modified DE blades. It comes in a red plastic case that has a chip missing.

3) The Gibbs Adjustable Razor: This razor also takes the proprietary blades. I have a case which I will include but, the case is ratty...no other way to say it. The razor has some surface scratches but is in overall good condition for its age.

I will throw in three packs of the proprietary blades (30 blades total). I would like $100 for the lot.

[Image: ln5KJ3w.jpg][Image: AfvTGgF.jpg][Image: qex2zVg.jpg][Image: TiWGPvZ.jpg][Image: mS4ode4.jpg][Image: P31BtWe.jpg][Image: hmbspTe.jpg]

Sold Pending Funds. Thank you!

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 12-26-2015, 08:08 PM
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HOLY COW!! You must have a time machine or something; incredible stuff my friend!

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 12-26-2015, 08:25 PM
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I've been looking for an adjustable for a while! Wish I could justify purchasing all three for the one I want. Best of luck on your sale!

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