12-27-2015, 10:36 PM
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Looking for a blonde badger but will consider any others as well.


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 12-28-2015, 03:23 AM
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I am guessing you are hoping to find a brush that is not only "labeled" in 'blonde' but to actually have a 'blonde' grade of badger hair in the brush, correct?

The L7 Blonde (Left) I had owner was very dense and similar to a soft mini puck of badger. Stiff flex but soft tips. Appears a warm color in the hair tips of the knot.

The Stubby 2 Blonde (Middle) I had was supreme performer when it came to the flow through. It also had close to a 3 band gel tip softness in the end bristle clumps. This appears more white to light yellow orange.

*The 2Xl on the right of the was a finest label grade. It has a color that is a bit softer than the L7 and a bit warmer in color than the Stubby 2 tips

The smaller size Emillion (Last Picture) was labeled in blonde but only had a few curly tips. Regardless, the fan shaped knot was soft tipped with gentle but supportive backbone for fast face lathering.

[Image: XZVlew2.jpg]
[Image: KelvlpI.jpg]

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