12-28-2015, 07:56 AM
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I am looking to clear out some things from my den. I have the following available:

Simpson Classic 1 Manchurian in Coral. Hand lathered 1 time. Asking $185 shipped. Includes travel tube. SOLD

[Image: IMG_5710.jpg]
[Image: IMG_5711.jpg]

Mike's Hungarian Lavender- New. Normally $20 shipped, asking $15 shipped.  SOLD

Wickham Lot-Sandalwood, English Lavender, Spice Trade x2, Southsea Beach, Imperial Trevor, Sheridan, English Rose, Imperial Tonic. $30 for the lot shipped or $7 shipped individual.(Sold)

Le Pere Lucien Rose de Pushkar- Used 1x. $15 shipped.(SOLD pending funds)

Mickey Lee Soapworks La fee Verle- New. $12 shipped. SOLD
Mickey Lee Soapworks Through the Woods- Used 1x. $12 shipped. (SOLD pending funds)

K. Shave Worx Hump Day-Used 1x. $8 shipped.
K. Shave Worx Midnight Cherry Bomb-Used 1x. $8 shipped. SOLD

Simpson Unscented- New. Can be added on to any other purchase for $8.

Saponificio Tundra Artica Shave Soap in Wooden Bowl and Aftershave-Used 1x. $40 shipped. SOLD

[Image: FullSizeRender.jpg]
[Image: IMG_5709.jpg]

Saponificio Dolmitti Shave Soap in Wooden Bowl and Aftershave-Used 1x. $40 shipped. 
[Image: f4ddb2487a5e5b15e5e22057e42903d4.jpg]
[Image: a6b2b2b9967c19a1689d2b5fd15d15d9.jpg]

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 12-28-2015, 11:34 AM
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Dang - missed the Wickham. One of my best performers. That was one heck of a deal on the Wickham but also great prices on everything which shows in the fact that almost everything is sold out.

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