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I was lucky enough to be a tester for the new CRSW Select V.2. I was given a sample of Pro Fresco to try out. Luckily I have the original Select version of this soap so it was really fun to use them back and forth to see if I can tell the difference between the two.

These are my own thoughts on these two soaps, you have to remember that everyone's facial hair is different, their skin is different, and some may get better results with one over the other. I have thick facial hair that grows in 2 different directions on my neck. I need a 3 pass to get BBS. I used to following shave patterns while shaving today. With the grain, Against the grain, Across the grain.

I divided my face in an even 50/50 and used the V.2 on my left and the original Select on my right.

Unfortunately I do not have 2 of the exact same brushes for this. On the original I used a 22mm Lights synthetic and with the new V.2 I used a 24mm Finest

First the loading:
Loading is always so easy for me with any CRSW soap that I use. I bloom my soaps while taking a shower and I can say that the bloom water from the V.2 was more concentrated, for lack of a better term. It seemed to have more of the soap in it than the original Select. The V.2 seems to be a bit softer of a soap, so I am assuming that is the reason. I loaded each brush for 25 seconds straight on the puck and went into a face lather.

First Pass (With the grain)
On the first pass the original Select seemed to be just a bit smoother. If I were to rate them out of 10, I would give original Select a 9.5/10 and the new V.2 a 9/10 for smoothness.

Second Pass (Against the grain)
This I would have to say was a tie for me on smoothness. Both performed well with zero tugging on my whiskers. The Gillette 7 O'clock black cut right through them with ease. I give both soaps a 9/10 on this pass.

Final Pass (Across the grain)
This is where the V.2 really stood out to me in the slickness area. This was the easiest and smoothest across the grain pass I've ever done on my neck. I normally will not even attempt the across the grain pass since it will usually lead to a few nicks. Original Select 8.5/10 Select V.2 9.5/10

I would give the edge to the new V.2 for strength. I did a blind test with my girlfriend and she agreed that the V.2 was ever so slightly stronger than the Original Select. This to me is a big upside to the new V.2. Larry does such a great job with his scents, that I love the stronger profile and longer lasting scent post shave.
Original Select scent strength 8.5/10
V.2 9/10

Post Shave:
This area is the hardest for me to pick apart between the two. I use a balm after each shave so I feel that by me giving any info on it, may be a bit skewed. I held off for about 30 minutes after my shave today before I put on the balm, and I couldn't tell a big difference between the 2. This is where I would love some more people that have tested this to come in and help.
From my previous shaves this week with alternating every days between the Original Select and the V.2.

Now for some lather pics!

V.2 on the left         Original Select on the right. (Original select was a lot thicker and creamier of a lather)
[Image: gqZUWBF.jpg]

Original Select
[Image: YTETpfE.jpg]

[Image: DMTbcRR.jpg]

I do think that if you're a fan of the products that Larry over at CRSW puts out, you owe it to yourself to try out the new V.2 soaps. I was only able to get 3 shaves out of my test sample, but I will be buying a full tin to further compare the two products.


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 01-02-2016, 03:29 PM
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Thanks for the review.  Whatever he puts out, I'm sure it will be top notch.

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 01-02-2016, 03:31 PM
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Great Review and great pictures! Thank you!

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 01-03-2016, 07:47 AM
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Thanks man !!

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 01-03-2016, 08:03 AM
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Great review. Thanks !!!


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 01-03-2016, 10:16 AM
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Nice review. Thank you! I'd like to add a few more thoughts. 

I have been using the V2 for about three weeks now. Larry sent me the little sample in a small plastic jar. I was liking what I was seeing and asked him if it would be possible to send me a larger amount for further evaluation. I received a normal size CRSW tin with four ounces. I mention this as in the above review the reviewer states,"(Original select was a lot thicker and creamier of a lather)". Since the V1 was loaded for the same 25 seconds but from a large diameter tin, it's only right to expect that the V1 loading is picking up quite a bit more soap than a small amount of soap in a small bowl. I'm saying this since in my testing, both the V1 and V2 lather appeared to be of the same consistency, both very thick and creamy. I would not be able to tell the difference between the two by a visual inspection alone. On feel of the lather between the hands, the V2 has a slightly softer feel, not light or airy but more silken. 

As for slickness, there is a noticeable increase in slickness in the V2. The biggest difference and this should come as no surprise is in the conditioning of the post shave of the V2. The V2 is a marked improvement over the V1, which I did not feel was necessarily lacking but this is a positive step forward. 

I did not think to ask if the V2 is a direct replacement for the V1 and I'm no marketing expert but if that is the case, I do not think anyone should be upset or bemoaning that fact. The V2 is an improvment over the V1, most likely coming with a YMMV disclaimer in certain areas of performance I suppose.

I did send Larry an email asking if could share my thoughts on the upcoming Oliva but I have not heard back. I will say that my skeptical notions about olive oil in a shaving soap were quickly dispelled. It's GOOD!

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