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I have some soaps I acquired and for one reason or another didnt work out. They retail on them is over $140-$150, I'm looking to sell them as a whole lot for $50 + shipping. I would be interested in a few trades, I'll list them at the very bottom.

Here is what I have (links are to original product descriptions):
  • Ginger's Garden - Suede - Retails for $14.95 - Great after shave of everything this is one I keep thinking I should keep, this doesnt "burn off" as quick and has kind of a "healing" feel to it for a very long time, scent isnt bad but not my favorite I kept it cause I love how it works
  • Col. Conk - Almond Aftershave Balm - Retails for $19.50 - used twice I love almond scents but balms just dont work for me I need a splash
  • James Bronnley - Gentlemens Aftershave (not produced anymore in this bottle or as a splash can only find the balm) - Guessing it retailed for $35-$50 going by current version - I like this one but wife doesnt so it needs to go, everytime I wear it I get dirty looks
  • Soapy Bathman - Amaretto on The Rocks  - Retails for $20 - Scent just wasnt for me good latherer
  • Al's Shaving Products - Bodega  - Retails for $20 - Great scent but I just dont find myself using creams much anymore
  • Simpsons - Cafe' Latte  - Retails for $24.95 - Great strong scent but I just dont find myself using creams much anymore
  • Mystic Waters - Irish Traveler - Retails for $11.79 - Lathered Twice was great lather but scent wasnt for me
  • Coate's - Original Almond Cream (thrown in free) - Never used
[Image: aJPts5i.jpg]

[Image: TQAjkhw.jpg]

[Image: C9DzUFV.jpg]

[Image: lgZ8tRm.jpg]

Here is what I would be willing to trade for (willing to do a part trade/part PayPal deal if needed):
  • XPEC tub
  • Acqua Di Parma (Tub)
  • Boellis Panama 1924
  • Antica Barbieria Colla
  • Hemple Ti Wave handle
  • Wolfman Handle (any)
  • B&M Leviathan Aftershave Splash
  • Mickey Lee Soapworks: The Kraken Soap and/or Aftershave Splash, Gluhwein Soap, & if he ever did a Lime/Citrus type scent I would be interested
  • Cold River Soapworks: Oliva, Bay Rum, Puro Fresco, & Spiced Amber
  • iKon or Feather Top Cap to go with a Feather AS-D1 plate
  • Acqua di Gio - Aftershave or Cologne
  • Floid - Blue Aftershave
  • Ginger's Garden: Cool Waters & Bay Rum Lime Aftershaves
  • DE Blades: Feathers, Kai, Personna Med Preps, Gillette 7 o'clock Yellows & Gillette Platniums

Might be more but that's what I can think of off the top of my head. Please feel free to message me if you want any more information or have any questions.

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