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Hi Guys,

Looking to sell the following items; shipping is from Canada (with tracking) and is included in the posted prices for North America. If you're anywhere else in the world I'll split the additional shipping costs with you. All prices in USD. PM works best for me. Paypal is preferred. If you feel my pricing is out of line, please PM me.

ATT Razors:

SOLD S1 Atlas (2014): Purchased new, only used two or three times. Lovely razor but too heavy for me and my arthritic hands. Asking $150. SOLD

M2 Colossus (2013): Purchased new in 2013 but only used twice. No issues whatsoever. Similar story to the S1; it's to heavy for me to use due to issues with grip in my hands. Comes with base plate, top cap and Colossus handle. Asking $150. $135
[Image: ASxyEMz.jpg]
[Image: yFYxu35.jpg?1]

Straight Razors:

Wostenholm Pipe Razor with black/white streaked horn scales and a Ghost G10 wedge. (6/8 extra hollow ground). Professionally honed and shave ready. I had this commissioned as the original scales were cracked but i've never used it. I'm unable to hold straights properly so i'd rather someone get some use out of it. - Asking $60
[Image: Be8yTuf.jpg]

[Image: XpA2L2t.jpg][Image: vgsQvWf.jpg]

[Image: hui9XsD.jpg?1]

[Image: YzEX4Gm.jpg]

SOLD Stiletto (Pacific HDW & Steel Co) round point razor. Measures 11/6 and is extra hollow ground. Honed and shave ready, bought thinking I would enjoy straights but never actually got into them as I have problems holding them comfortably. This has never been used by me; the scales are pretty cool though. - Asking $45 SOLD
[Image: 2ADUCla.jpg]

[Image: NeOqO5S.jpg]

[Image: nxTy74x.jpg]

[Image: FJxC81X.jpg?1]

Thiers Issard 69 Garanti Frameback. Bought in France and professionally honed and restored in blue dyed stabilized Maple Burl as the original horn scales had rotted away. Not sure how to describe the size, it measures at just under 7/8 at it's widest but then tapers down by 1/8 towards the toe. Amazing piece, but i'd rather it be used by someone who can appreciate it. - Asking $115
[Image: fuMTzId.jpg]

[Image: 38V49zG.jpg]

[Image: M9J2pFW.jpg]

[Image: gj1qCAm.jpg]

SOLD Japanese Frameback (Makoto 100). Measures at just over 6/8. This one was sold as shave ready but I haven't used it. - Asking $45 SOLD
[Image: RBa76j4.jpg]

[Image: t8lN6CJ.jpg]

Lastly, a size 10 Plisson European Grey brush in a black resin handle. Great little brush, just doesn't get much use. Asking $85
[Image: 19KMiix.jpg]

[Image: M46HJ2f.jpg]


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Bump and price reductions.

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Bump with additional price drops.

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I'll take the japanese frame back. PM sent

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Very good-looking TI69.


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