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I am offering for sale a size 3 Rooney Finest knot that has been transplanted from its original style 3 handle to a tulip handle by Doug Korn. The original brush was a Rooney style 3 size 3 faux ivory handle Finest from around 2009 or 2010. You can read about the transplant process here:


The brush is in excellent condition and has never shed a hair, before or after transplant. The knot diameter, as set, measures 27mm, but this was originally a 26mm knot. The loft is 55mm, which seems perfect for this particular knot. The knot feels feather soft when dry but has a little scritch in use, which has been my experience with other Rooney Finests. I am offering the brush for $300 shipped in the US. Paypal only, please.

Here is a photo of the brush Doug Korn provided while working on it:

[Image: Finest2.jpg]

And here are some photos taken outside today in Austin, TX:

[Image: Finest.jpg]

[Image: Finest3.jpg]

[Image: Finest4.jpg]

Regarding the outdoor photos, I realize now that I should've used a fill flash. 

Thanks for looking.

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