01-18-2016, 12:07 PM
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All brushes have been sold or traded.  I have decided to keep the Shavemac.  Thank you!

Clearing out my den.  Prices include USPS Priority mail to the US.  Outside of the US, please PM me for a quote.  Thanks!

Thater 49125/2 (plexi/black handle) - $80 shipped TRADED
Calipers measure about 26.9mm knot and 53.7mm loft.  3-band silvertip is very soft and bulb shape keeps it from being floppy.  This brush is about two months old (warranty replacement for a shedding brush).  Has not shed more than one hair ever.  This particular knot has medium density which works very well for building and releasing lather.  There is a bit of a visual defect in the handle, as there are some light scratches and gaps in the knot (doesn’t affect usage).

Shavemac 177 3-Band Silvertip (blue swirl handle) - $80 shipped WITHDRAWN
Calipers measure 24.6mm knot and 44.0mm loft.  3-band silvertip fan shape has good density and is very soft.  Brush was ordered new last summer.  Does not shed hair but will occasionally have a hair break near the tip.  Kind of like a Duke 3 with much softer hair and a more comfortable handle.  Knot seems to be set slightly askew so it seems to be at an angle when you rotate it (doesn’t affect usage).

Geoff Anderson TGN Finest (black/clear/zebra handle) - $80 shipped SOLD
Calipers measure 24.2mm knot and 51.8mm loft.  TGN Finest 2-band knot has very curled gel tips to be extremely soft.  Loft is high enough that it will have a large bloom but backbone keeps it controlled and not floppy.  Really unique and rare handle.  Never shed a hair for me.

Asylum Scanlon (orange handle) - $25 shipped TRADED
Calipers measure 22.8mm knot and 50.6mm loft.  Synthetic knot (appears similar to Muhle v2).  Soft tips, strong backbone, no glue bump.  No issues that I know of.

Plisson Synthetic (wood handle) - $20 shipped SOLD
Calipers measure 21.6mm knot and 56.0mm loft.  Synthetic knot that is extremely soft and splays easily.  No glue bump on these brushes.  Excellent dark wood handle as well.  There’s a lot of new versions available but this is a very nice classy 

Semogue 820 (plexi/black handle) & Semogue 610 (plexi/red handle) - $18 shipped SOLD
820 measures 22.7mm knot and 55.1mm loft.  610 measures 21.9mm knot and 50.3mm loft.  Both have been rarely used and were purchased last year.  Good boar brushes with very nice handles.  The 820 has no issues while the 610 seems to have a knot that is slightly loose (rotates when twisted).

[Image: b62c8c6c75b812fe444483163d04a248.jpg]

[Image: b85e9f1905ff4f5c9647bdd4ec787ce5.jpg]

[Image: d759cb9648d18177d38745ac71451291.jpg]

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 01-18-2016, 01:03 PM
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Wow that Geoff Anderson TGN looks like a fantastic brush.  It's certainly tempting, but with 3 brushes coming in already...I gotta slow down.

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 01-18-2016, 01:24 PM
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Love the Geoff Anderson as well.

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 01-18-2016, 03:13 PM
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She's a beauty but the knot is big for my tastes. Thought about getting it redone but that's more money for a project...

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 01-18-2016, 07:23 PM
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Very nice assortment of quality brushes.  GLWTS.

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 01-22-2016, 04:15 PM
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Price drops all around!

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 01-24-2016, 06:03 PM
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Love the look of the Semogue brushes that have not been dyed. Someone found quite the deal!

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