01-18-2016, 10:29 PM
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Above The Tie Kronos with M1 and R2 base plates.  

  I am selling this razor to fund explorations into SE razors.  As you can see in the pictures there are some water spots on the top cap.  Unfortunately, the razor was recently left next to the sink and my little girl splashed water onto it while I was at work.  It has been thoroughly cleaned and lightly brushed with mild soap, but the spots remain.  My intention was to bring it to a polish in the near future.  It is not quite as noticeable in person as it is in the picture.  Apart from the aesthetic of the top cap, the razor is in excellent condition and performs perfectly.  


All pieces together- $145.00,  CONUS USPS priority shipping included 

[Image: sX8hRRe.jpg]

[Image: w4UrNmR.jpg]

[Image: ZFYh5e9.jpg]

[Image: pedDoKN.jpg]

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