01-20-2016, 12:30 PM
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Title says it.
I also have things to trade, or add to cash to sweeten a deal.
Rhodium-plated-handle (original nickel doors) 1958 D4 Fatboy, Rhodium plated Long Comb NEW (straight teeth), Old Types with straight teeth in original gold or replated nickel (Krona Kruiser), Long Comb Goodwills with no more plating, but straight teeth, a FaTip-made Muhle R89 (with original box, Grande handle), New Improved Tuckaway (no case, some plate loss, but straight), and others
UFO Tornado, CooncatBob Improved (with straight Long Comb NEW head), Griest 1st gen Brass, Griest 1st gen stainless steel, Weber 1st gen Classic, iKon Shavecraft Bulldog (80mm), Elite stone, etc.

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