01-21-2016, 03:46 PM
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Well this is my first time selling on here, so I'm open to any correction if necessary.  I've bought from here and sold on other forums and have had nothing but positive experiences dealing with my wet shaving brethren.

I have three brushes that I'm selling:

***Sold**** 1) Thater 4125/1 two-band bulb.  The knot measurement is 24/52 according to the manufacturer.  I bought this brush used on this forum.  It's an incredibly soft brush, has nice density, and moderate backbone.  My tastes require a little more backbone.  The brush is in great condition, but there is a scuff that is noticeable on the coin at the bottom of the handle. Comes with original box.  Price is $90 shipped CONUS. Pictures below:
[Image: YZkgsl9.jpg]
[Image: 5mLOQcz.jpg]
[Image: y4cwK2V.jpg]

***Sold*** 2) Simpson 56 in Best. The knot measurement is 19/41 according to the manufacturer.  This is one of the softest best grade knots that I've tried.  It has absolutely zero scritch.  Feels incredible on the face, but every time I use it, I keep wondering what the Simpson 57 would feel like.  So I'm selling and will eventually get a Simpson 57. Comes with original box. Price is $65 shipped CONUS. Picture below:
[Image: cQZPUcP.jpg]

***Withdrawn***3) Muhle XL Synthetic Silvertip Fiber Shave Brush with Ebony Handle.  A luxuriously soft brush.  I just can't get it to work for me and with other brushes in my rotation, I don't have the discipline to keep at it until I figure it out.  Brush is in overall excellent condition.  Does not come with box.  Price is $38, Now $35 shipped CONUS. Picture below:
[Image: IB6qNPj.jpg]

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 01-21-2016, 04:32 PM
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Nice brushes wish the Thater had a bigger knot

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 01-22-2016, 12:24 PM
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Please archive.  Thater and 56 are sold.  Muhle is withdrawn. Thank you!

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