01-23-2016, 12:20 PM
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ALL SOLD! Thanks Shave Den and 3 great members.

Time to end the procrastinating and clear the den of things that I just don't use any more.
With apologies to members from outside the U.S., CONUS only. Prices include shipping if the total is $25 or more (otherwise add $4).
Paypal please.

1. Razorock Baby Smooth: $100 SOLD
There are small imperfections (that don't affect the performance) - one area on top of the cap where the coating is a little thinner (I tried to capture it in a photo, but was not able to due to bounce back from the flash) and some normal coating wear on the post where the handle screws on.

2. Brushes (all used 2x-4x) SOLD
- Rooney Style 1 Size 3 Silvertip in ebony (shed around 3-4 hairs since I got it): $65
- Semogue Texugo (badger, no shedding at all): $50
- Muhle STF v.2 33K256 (23 mm): $40

3. Soaps SOLD
- MDC Fougere (50%): $30
- MWF refill (new): $10
- Soap Commander Respect (lime & patchouli, lathered 3x): $12
- Tiki The Captain tallow (lathered 2x): $14

Photos in following posts. Thanks for looking. I'll be shipping on 1/28 (sorry, I need to get some boxes).

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 01-23-2016, 12:21 PM
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Razorock Baby Smooth: $100  SOLD

[Image: 2XptZvt.jpg]

[Image: jEF1jLE.jpg]

[Image: 3Bbq88E.jpg]

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 01-23-2016, 12:24 PM
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Brushes  ALL SOLD

[Image: fg1ZNJA.jpg]

Rooney: $65 

[Image: 7D852C5.jpg]

[Image: tWXTRhz.jpg]

Semogue Texugo: $50

[Image: VU3B9Nv.jpg]

[Image: UlrsNbC.jpg]

Muhle 33K256 STF v2: $40

[Image: WokxfnO.jpg]

[Image: FpUWelm.jpg]

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 01-23-2016, 12:25 PM
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Soaps (prices above): ALL SOLD

[Image: i9NC9hO.jpg]

[Image: t9hZlPz.jpg]

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