03-04-2016, 12:57 PM
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Good Day gentlemen,  I have a lot of soaps, creams, and extra gear getting no use.  Who doesn't?  I want to really bring the total of soaps down to a somewhat manageable number plus I need to fund the repair of a dump truck.  I offer all these soaps in 3 price categories for ease of buying and selling.  The following is CONUS.  PM if outside CONUS and maybe we can work shipping out.  Any purchase over $50 and shipping is free.  Add $5 shipping for anything under $50.  Preference given to individuals who buy multiple items.  Buy 5 soaps and I'll throw in a $5 soap for free.  Thanks for looking.  I always throw in extra gear to every sale.  All soaps and gear are selling under retail.  All sales are final.  I am open to trades of unused gear.  Not looking for anything specific, unless you have BM Le Grand Chrype, high end gear, or unobtainium gear.  I will be in and out this weekend. My daughter has a basketball tournament. I'll respond when I can. 

Here's a few miscellaneous items for sale:

Feather Pro Blades-missing 1 blade-$10-retail $19.49-SOLD
Vito's Pre-Shave-New-$5-retail $9.99-SOLD

Edwin Jagger XL Synthetic-$30-retail $46.95-SOLD
Fine Synthetic Brush-used x3-$10-retail $20.00
Satin Tip Synthetic-used x6-$10-retail $19.99-SOLD
Semogue 2013 Special Edition-$60-retail $125.00-SOLD
Simpson's Chubby 2 in Best-$90-retail $178.00-SOLD

All Soaps listed here are $25 per soap/cream:

Castle Forbes Cedarwood & Sandalwood-New-retail $38-SOLD
Castle Forbes Lime-New-retail $38-SOLD
Le Pere Lucien Original-New-retail $35-SOLD
Old Spice sealed refill-NOS-retail $?-SOLD

All Soaps listed here are $20 per soap/cream:

Barrister & Mann First Snow-Used 2x-retail $25-SOLD
Dr. Harris Eucalyptus cream-New-retail $30
Dr. Harris Marlborough cream-New-retail $30
Dr. Harris Windsor cream-New-retail $30-SOLD
Fitjar Neroli cream-New-retail $37-SOLD
Fitjar Folgefonn cream-New-retail $37
Klar Seifen Sandalwood-New-retail $29-SOLD

All Soaps listed here are $15 per soap/cream:

Al's Private Stock Capone Da Barba-New-retail $25-SOLD
Al's cream Calabria-New-retail $20-SOLD
Barrister & Mann Vetiver Santal Vegan-New-retail $17-SOLD
Barrister & Mann Roam-New-retail $17-SOLD
Barrister & Mann Caledonia Rose-New-retail $17-SOLD
Barrister & Mann Lime/Lavender/Cedarwood-New-retail $17-SOLD
Bufflehead Islamorada-New-retail $18.50-SOLD
Cade's shave cream tube-New-retail $28-SOLD
Catie's Bubbles Tonsorial Parlour-New-retail $20-SOLD
Catie's Bubbles LPV-New-retail $20-SOLD
Catie's Bubbles LTV-New-retail $20-SOLD
Catie's Bubbles Bailey's Irish Coffee-New-retail $20-SOLD
C&E Sienna Old Formula-New-retail-SOLD
Ginger's Garden French Lavender-New-retail $19
I Coloniali Mango Puck sealed-New-retail $19
Strop Shoppe Black Tie w/Tallow-New-retail $19-SOLD
Strop Shoppe Vivace w/Tallow & Lanolin-New-retail $19
Strop Shoppe Lemon/Eucalyptus-8oz w/tallow-New-retail $19
Strop Shoppe Baker Street-Used 3x 6oz-retail $19
Strop Shoppe Black Tie-Used 2x 6oz-retail $19-SOLD
Strop Shoppe Instinct w/Tallow & Lanolin-Used 3x-retail $19-SOLD
Wet Shave Obsession Bill the Barber-New-not sure on retail-SOLD
Wet Shave Obsession Signature-New-retail $?-SOLD

[u][b]All Soaps listed here are $10 per soap/cream:[/b][/u]

Al's Calypso cream-85%-retail $20-SOLD
Chiseled Face Ghost Town Barber-New-retail $12-SOLD
CRSW Select Vetiver-New-retail $16-SOLD
CRSW Jardin D'Orange-New-retail $16-SOLD
Dapper Dragon Green Tea & Bergamot-New-retail $14-SOLD
Dapper Dragon Signature-New-retail $14-SOLD
Dapper Dragon Cucumber Melon-Used 1x-retail $14-SOLD
Dr. Jon's Hydra-4oz-New-retail $14.95-SOLD
Dr. Jon's Hex-4oz New-retail $14.95
Dr. Jon's Classic-4oz New-retail $14.95-SOLD
Dr. Jon's Green Monster-4oz New-retail $14.95
Jabonman Brisa De Oriente-New-not sure of retail-SOLD
Jabonan Tierra Humeda-New-not sure of retail-SOLD
Jabonman Violets-New-not sure of retail-SOLD
Knockout Shave Cool Blue-New-retail $15-SOLD
Knockout Shave Black-New-retail $15-SOLD
Knockout Shave Silver-New-retail $15-SOLD
Local Gent Sandalwood-New-retail $15.00-SOLD
Maggard Razor London Barbershop-Used 2x-retail $12.95-SOLD
Mickey Lee's Italian Stallion-New-retail $16-SOLD
Nancy's Silly Soap Signature-Used 1x-retail $20-SOLD
PAA CAD-Used 2x-retail $14.95-SOLD
PannaCrema Vetiver-New-retail $14.72
PannaCrema Lebanese-New-Retail $14.72
PannaCrema Vetiver-Used 2x-retail $14.72
QED Sandalwood-80%-unsure of retail
Queen Charlotte Mysore Sandalwood-Used 2x-retail $25-SOLD
Shaver Heaven Desperado-New-retail $15-SOLD
Simpsons Vanilla Rose cream-New-retail $24.95-SOLD
Soap Commander Passion-New-retail $15-SOLD
Soap Commander Purpose-New-retail $15-SOLD
Soap Commander Renewal-New-retail $15-SOLD
Stirling Glastonbury-New-retail $12.50-SOLD
Stirling Bonaparte-New-retail $12.50-SOLD
Stirling Gin & Tonic-New-retail $12.50-SOLD
Tiki's Redwood-New-retail $14-SOLD
Tiki's Land Locked-New-1 available-retail $14-1 SOLD
Tiki's The Captain-New-1 available-retail $14-1 SOLD
Tim's Soap Roots-New-retail $14.95-SOLD
Wholly Kaw Lav/Sublime-New-retail $18-SOLD
Wholly Kaw 2 times as Spice-New-retail $18
Wholly Kaw Vetivertal-New-retail $18-SOLD
Wickham sandalwood-New-retail $12-SOLD
Wickham Imperial Tonic-New-retail $12-SOLD
Wickham Lavender-New-retail $12-SOLD

[u][b]All Soaps listed here are $5 per soap/cream: All $5 SOLD[/b][/u]

Calani Gentleman-New-retail $10-SOLD
Calani Dubai-New-retail $10-SOLD
Calani Simple Soap-New-retail $10-SOLD
Chiseled Face Sandalwood-x3-retail $8.00-SOLD
Gold Dach's Special-New-Retail $22-SOLD
J.L. Davis Bee Spicy-New-retail $10.95-SOLD
Kell's Orginal Bay Rum-New-retail $5.25-SOLD
Kiehls Lite Flite Cream-New-retail $20-SOLD
LASS Vanilla Eucalyptus/Mint-New-retail $16-SOLD
LASS Topanga Fougere-New-retail $16-SOLD
Mè Sherwood-New-unsure of retail-SOLD
Mè Galena-Used 1x-unsure of retail-SOLD
Nancy Boy Cream Signature-Used 3x-retail $19-SOLD
Nancy Boy Cream Blossomwood-New-retail $19-SOLD
RazorRock Freeburg-New-retail $7.99-SOLD
RazorRock Mudder Focker-New-retail $9.99-SOLD
RazorRock Son of Zeus-New-retail $9.99-SOLD
RazorRock XX-New-retail $9.99-SOLD
Reef Point Barbershop-New-retail $14-SOLD
Reef Point Dragon's Blood-New-retail $14-SOLD
Saint Charles Soap Dagger-New-retail $8-SOLD
Savon À Barbe Santal-New-retail $10.95-SOLD
SeaGrapes Bay Rum & Sweet Orange-x4-retail $8.50-SOLD
Shannon's Soap Silk Pajamas-New-retail $11.95-SOLD
Shannon's Soap Barbershop-New-retail $11.95-SOLD
Taylor of Old Bonds Street Sandalwood Cream-80%-retail $14.00-SOLD
Through the Fire Fine Crafts Ember-New-retail $11.99-SOLD
Through the Fire Fine Crafts Anvil-New-retail $11.99-SOLD
Through the Fire Fine Crafts Quench-Used 1x-retail $11.99-SOLD

[u]All Aftershaves listed per bottle:[/u]

Cade Balm-New-selling $25-retail $34
Catie's Bubbles LPV-90%-selling $15-retail $20
Catie's Bubbles LTV-90%-selling $15-retail $20
Chiseled Face Ghost Town Barber-New-selling $10-retail $14.99-SOLD
CRSW Fougere Moderne-New-selling $15-retail $20
CRSW Vetiver Moderne-New-selling $15-retail $20
DR Harris Sandalwood-50% $5-retail-SOLD 
Dr. Jon's Classic-New-selling $15-retail $17.95-SOLD
Dr. Jon's Hydra-New-selling $15-retail $17.95
Fine American Blend-New-selling $10-retail $14.99-SOLD
Gilbert Henry Bay Rum Cologne-New-$20-retail $29.99
Maggard's London Barbershop-used x2-selling $10-retail $15.95-SOLD
Meehan's Bay Rum-used x2 $25-retail $52.00
PAA CAD-used x2-selling $15-retail $24.95-SOLD
PAA Tombstone-New-$15-retail $24.95-SOLD
Pre De Provence Balm-used x2-selling $10-retail $15
Saint Charles Shave Blue Line-New $10-retail $13
Saint Charles Shave Sandalwood-New $10-retail $13
Stirling Glastonbury-New-selling $10-retail $14.99-SOLD
Taylor of Old Bonds Street Sandalwood-used x2-selling $15-retail $25.99-SOLD
Wholly Kaw Jamestown-New-selling $10-retail $13.99
WM Neumann 1911-New-$20-retail $30-SOLD
WM Neumann Signature 1907-New $20-retail $30-SOLD

[Image: PA32CDV.jpg]
[Image: pGHDA5J.jpg]
[Image: oodgovU.jpg]
[Image: k8fxMFP.jpg]
[Image: n47EqOZ.jpg]
[Image: kip1cma.jpg]
[Image: SLPkYKy.jpg]
[Image: v15KVvW.jpg]
[Image: fd987OU.jpg]
[Image: ygwj9BW.jpg]
[Image: eD2gbD3.jpg]
[Image: bbgAUL5.jpg]

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 03-04-2016, 01:03 PM
  • blzrfn
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Wow, bullgoose might be jealous of that inventory!

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 03-04-2016, 01:04 PM
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Wow. Must have taken an hour just to unscrew all those lids.

Good luck.

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 03-04-2016, 01:05 PM
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(03-04-2016, 01:04 PM)Smoothie Wrote: Wow. Must have taken an hour just to unscrew all those lids.

Good luck.


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 03-04-2016, 01:14 PM
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I've been planning this for a while. I hate to see it go but I could have 3 more sales like this and you still couldn't tell that I sold anything.

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 03-04-2016, 01:15 PM
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So much soap! Someone is going to be keeping the post office busy...

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 03-04-2016, 01:52 PM
  • EricM
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Wow, and I thought I was bad!  LoL!!  Tongue

I'll take:

DR Harris Sandalwood-50% $5-retail 
Taylor of Old Bonds Street Sandalwood Cream-80%-retail $14.00
RazorRock Mudder Focker-New-retail $9.99

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 03-04-2016, 01:58 PM
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I'd be interested in the Simpsons that if it hasn't been claimed yet.
Thanks!  That's quite a den thinning.

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 03-04-2016, 02:09 PM
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PM sent I'll take KO Silver and Black,CRSW JD'O.

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 03-04-2016, 02:30 PM
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Wow. Just wow. I thought my den was impressive; and this is just what you're getting rid of? Wow. Sigh, PM sent. There goes my new soap purchase embargo.

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 03-04-2016, 02:37 PM
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Ill take both Reef Point soaps .. Barbershop & Dragons blood

43 718
 03-04-2016, 02:59 PM
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Wow you guys were ready to buy!!  I'm sorting through everything and making sure I don't mess anything up. I'll respond as soon as I can

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 03-04-2016, 03:38 PM
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(03-04-2016, 02:59 PM)oasis man Wrote: Wow you guys were ready to buy!!  I'm sorting through everything and making sure I don't mess anything up. I'll respond as soon as I can

Good luck. I'm sure your inbox is full.

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 03-04-2016, 04:02 PM
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pm for the:

Edwin Jagger XL Synthetic-$30

Soap Commander Purpose-New-$10
Soap Commander Renewal-New- $10

Fine American Blend-New-selling $10

12 197
 03-04-2016, 05:02 PM
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At a basketball game. I will respond as soon as the game is through

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 03-04-2016, 06:02 PM
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Scares me to think about what you must still have left!

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 03-04-2016, 06:03 PM
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(03-04-2016, 05:02 PM)oasis man Wrote: At a basketball game. I will respond as soon as the game is through

No worries - I PM'd on a few a few hours ago .. Just let me know when you can.

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 03-04-2016, 08:01 PM
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You should have received a PM.  I updated the list.  I'm still going through PMs.  Some stuff is sold pending payment.  Thanks for all your patience

38 146
 03-04-2016, 09:06 PM
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wow, so much soap! amazing!! I wonder what you mean by a "manageable size"? Smile

8 93
 03-04-2016, 09:28 PM
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I'll take the LASSCO Topanga Fougere!

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