01-27-2016, 06:42 AM
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Well, at this moment in my life I need to do some clearing and focus on finishing school. Though the S1 is the best razor I have ever used, I just cannot justify having such an expensive razor right now.. so unfortunately, I'm looking to sell a few items.

Album of ATT - http://imgur.com/a/SuYoY

Album with MdC (other items no longer available) - http://imgur.com/a/WOdke

The ATT is a 2015 S1 head on an Atlas handle. It is in good condition, hasn't been dropped or anything. As in the pictures, you can make out some minor imperfections in the top cap with the razor held in the right light. The blade aligns properly. This is honestly an amazing razor. I will put it in the box that my original ATT came in (old school box like this one), though it was for an M1 head. I'll throw in a couple of tucks of blades as well. This one I'm listing for $135 shipped. This includes insurance and Priority Mail shipping in the CONUS. ATT IS SOLD

This MdC will include the box. There is a small dent in the lid that is pictured, not sure how it happened. The soap is at 95%+, hard to use much of this stuff at once. Amazing soap, amazing scent, great lather.. but you already know that, it's MdC. Since this one is a bit heaver and will need a slightly larger box for some extra padding, I'm listing this for $45 shipped in the CONUS. MDC IS SOLD

If you have any questions or think my prices are not fair, please feel free to PM me. Thanks TSN!

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