01-27-2016, 04:49 PM
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Good evening gents,

Got a couple for what I hope is a quick sale lol. Both are project razors that could use just a touch more TLC. Getting ready for the new baby so don't have time to finish them up. Shipping is CONUS. Outside of CONUS buyer pays actual shipping.

*All items are SOLD*

*SOLD* Schick adjustable injector : Almost finished. Just needs a little more cleaning/polishing mainly under the head. Looks like a bit of plating loss but it's just reflection and lack of polishing. Fully functional with no issues. Already showing a beautiful shine. Won't take anything to make it look like new. Asking $12 + $3 shipping.

STAR 1912. Same as the GEM and Ever-Ready. Plating has seen better days but other than that no issues. Will shave like a champ. $5 + $3 shipping. Will toss in a few GEM PTFE blades.

NOS Ever-Ready 100. Box has seen better days and knot is shedding but brush has never been used. Would make a great display piece or candidate for a re-knot. $8 + $3 shipping.

Peerless is a freebie if buy both the Ever-Ready and STAR. Good user grade handle or restore project.

Buy both for $18 shipped and will throw in the Peerless set in rubber.  

PM for questions or more pics. 

Thanks all for looking!

[Image: D5iTZ2X.jpg]
[Image: ujAOoZ8.jpg]
[Image: Lo1gykB.jpg]
[Image: tq7RLGU.jpg]
[Image: wOwzSq8.jpg]
[Image: cHK2KaV.jpg]
[Image: rmAtQjp.jpg]

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 01-27-2016, 07:25 PM
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Schick is sold

Added NOS Ever-Ready 100
Will toss in some blades with razor. 
Buy brush and razor will toss in user grade Peerless set in rubber brush. Good restore candidate.

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 01-27-2016, 09:03 PM
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All items sold. Thank you TSN and buyer's! Please archive.

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