01-29-2016, 04:54 AM
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All prices include CONUS shipping and Paypal fees. 

Both brushes have been gently used and were acquired via TSN BST within the past 6 months. No shedding whatsoever. 

Vie-Long Lord Randal $75 Shipped WITHDRAWN

24x48 bulb knot (actual measurements may be slightly bigger). Very soft silvertip with a gentle scrub. No scritch. 
[Image: eWcASKT.jpg]

[Image: CNmIsAb.jpg]

Semogue 2013 SE Olive Wood Silvertip $60 SOLD, PENDING FUNDS

24x46 fan shape. Huge bloom on this little brush. Soft with light to moderate scrub. 

[Image: w33K0fx.jpg]

[Image: t6mhBvH.jpg]

Merkur Mergress $100 Shipped and Insured CONUS. SOLD!

Great razor that I found very efficient, yet gentle on my skin. I just don't reach for it.

[Image: SgWNCU6.jpg]

[Image: TcQ4ncR.jpg]

[Image: ENjjkXP.jpg]

[Image: l92oZh5.jpg]

Plisson Black Acetate Handle $25 Shipped - Retail from Plisson France is $30 (and a whopping $12 shipping cost). SOLD, Pending Funds

22m knot, not sure of loft. Very soft with great flow through. 

Acquired by me directly from Plisson France. Original packaging and stand included. I've used it a dozen times or so and it's a great performer. I just don't need more than one synthetic.

[Image: oWbVHJO.jpg]

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 02-06-2016, 07:38 PM
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Weekly bump. Semogue is spoken for. Rest of items are available.

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