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When I started wet shaving about 11 years ago, almost all the razors were vintage.  The new stainless steel razors didn't exist.  The big razors at the time were 1948'ish superspeeds and Aristocrats, Rockets and the like: closed-comb TTO's for the most part.  These were by far the most expensive razors, some fetching upwards of $400.  Unobtainium in that day meant things like Wilkinson Sticky's which were rare, very expensive and reputed to give unbelievable shaves.  

Techs, three piece razors and open-combs were a dime a dozen.  These could be had in large numbers for as low as $3.00 apiece.  Gillette Swede blades were plentiful, as were Rooney Finests.

Fast forward to today.  Now the Superspeeds and other TTO's are just another razor and not highly sought after.  Wilkinson Sticky's no longer sell for anywhere close to $400.  On the other hand, Swedes are unobtainium, Simpson 2-bands are scarce and pricey despite being prevalent a few years ago, and new stainless razors and old Techs and 3 piece open combs are the rage, and priced accordingly.

So my questions are these:  What do you think is all the rage now, that in 2 or 3 years will be just another shaving item that no longer commands premium prices.  And what is commonly available now that will become the unobtainiums of the future?

Simpson 2-bands are what prompted me to think about this.  I'd guess that in 2 or 3 years, they will no longer be all the rage, prices will come down and they will be reasonably available as shavers start to sell them to buy the next great thing.  I wonder if some of the Manchurians that are being sold now might not become unobtainiums down the road (not that they aren't already pricey).  Maybe Paladins or M&F's become the new Simpson 2-bands if Lee Sabini ceases to operate at some point.  And I would guess that there are an awful lot of stainless razor brands that will lose their luster in the not too distant future.

What are your predictions for the shaving equipment markets of the future?

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I think people take for granted how exceptional a company Shavemac is as run by Bernd Blos. One day when Bernd retires (please, please not for many, many years) and either closes the company or I think more likely sells it then people will go crazy for Shavemac brushes in "the Bernd era". That's why I've started hoarding now.  Biggrin

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