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Hi Guys,

Still thinning the den. All prices include shipping to Canada/US; if you'd like tracking please add an additional $5 to the price. Items will be shipped from Canada via Canada Post. I would prefer a sale but am willing to entertain offers.

I have the following items up for sale:

'13 ATT M2 Colossus:

[Image: aeei6Ib.jpg]
[Image: CYijex6.jpg]
[Image: G7dCL1P.jpg]

Razor is absolutely flawless, used 2-3 times. Nice smooth shaver but it has to go to make room for a lighter shaver. Asking $130 shipped (base plate, top cap and Colossus handle).

 SOLD Delta Echo coated Super Speed (Z3): SOLD
[Image: OLlSl0u.jpg]

[Image: 0McIsop.jpg]

[Image: FXyNrmg.jpg]

[Image: 725eWwy.jpg]

SOLD Bought to satisfy my curiosity, an excellent razor but still a tad too heavy for me. Asking $55. SOLD

Jabonman Lot:

[Image: 50tFJcj.jpg]

[Image: 3ikG5ZT.jpg]

Lot consists of Mountain, Sierra and Citricos soaps and Ylang Ylang aftershave milk. The soaps have been used a few times each and the aftershave milk used once or twice. Fantastic soap but i'm consolidating my den and these guys didn't make the cut. Asking $50 for the lot.

WSO - Bill the Barber soap (unused):
[Image: bC3U7Qw.jpg]

Picked this up a while back when the WSO was up and running. Never really got along with the scent; preferred a few other WSO scents more and am finally cutting my losses and getting rid of this puck. Looking to trade this for another soap, make an offer - it'll cost me more to ship the soap than it's worth so hopefully I can find something new and someone who might want Bill the Barber can get a brand new puck of it.


NB: All prices in $USD

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