02-03-2016, 03:08 PM
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For Trade:

ATT Colossus Handle:
[Image: CYijex6.jpg]

[Image: bEI9k0m.jpg?1]

Handle is mint; just too large and heavy for me. Ideally looking to trade it for an iKon/Webber Wave handle or something smaller and lighter. Colossus weighs in at 86g. You will have to ship to Canada - looking for a straight trade unless yours is more expensive at which point I can equalize with cash.


Looking to sell or trade the following lot:

[Image: 2ahqB9g.jpg]

Lot consists of:

  • Bergamot and Bay (Original Formula)
  • American Barbershop (Original Formula)
  • Royal Fougere (Original Formula)
  • Savon #2 (50% - Classic Formula)
  • Savon #1 (Classic Formula)
  • Spiced Amber (Classic Formula - Brand New)

Original Formula is Vegan, Classic Formula is Tallow. All soaps are 95% or more unless otherwise noted.

Selling for $50 USD SOLD shipped to Canada/US - SPF. PM me for trade offers and we can go from there. 

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