02-06-2016, 03:57 PM
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Paypal, and CONUS only please. Feel free to PM any questions. Thanks for looking! 

1. Schwarzweisskeramik S-Scuttle in Black - $65 (SOLD)

I bought this beauty when I was strictly a bowl latherer. But I almost always face lather now, so this has been on the shelf for a long time. When I purchased it, I told Angsar that I was concerned about clanging my brush. He was very helpful and said he would find the widest bowl in his workshop. I never had a problem with clanging my brush and it keeps lather warm for 3 passes easily. 

[Image: xxbOBLW.jpg]

2. Shavemac 25 in Brown-Beige D01 Silvertip 23/46 w/Box - WITHDRAWN

Just purchased this brush a few weeks ago and love the knot, but I want to order another with a different handle shape. That said, the color and detail in the handle is quite beautiful. I have been really into 3-bands lately and the D01 silvertip provides high density, great backbone, soft tips and good scrub. Originally paid $160 and used a few times. 

[Image: MjAcnwV.jpg]
[Image: AM8iX4D.jpg]

3. Simpson Colonel X2L in Best 23/46 - WITHDRAWN

Paid around $65 for this brush at Pasteur's pharmacy and it helped spawn my love of brushes. A nice dense knot that is soft but with good scrub. Made in England logo. I just picked up a Colonel 2-band and I don't keep duplicates handles in the den. 

[Image: 7NbkBRP.jpg]

4. Simpson Tulip 3 Super 24.5/49 w/Box - $85 $76.50 (SOLD)

Uber-soft, dense fan knot that blooms beautifully. Another Made in England logo. This knot sheds a few hairs per shave and this is factored into the price. Retail new is $195, yours for $85 76.50.

[Image: yR7mtob.jpg]

5. Myrsol Lot - WITHDRAWN

Agua Balsamica and Antesol. I love the performance and the beautiful bottles, but the scents just don't do it for me. The Antesol has some wear on the front label and the AB has a chip in the cap (on the back side that is not seen when the bottle is on display.  I believe I originally paid around $60 at Pasteur's pharmacy.

[Image: Q0M16r9.jpg]
[Image: DG2tG99.jpg]

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Scuttle and Tulip are sold. Withdrawing the other items for the time being. Thank you TSN and the buyers.

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