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This is a review of the third of the Denim scents I have acquired-Denim Black.

The aftershave comes in an attractive black box containing a heavy flat square 3.4oz/100ml glass bottle with a hexagonal black cap and a hexagonal depression cast into the  front and back of the glass to give you a grip surface.The liquid is a medium blue with a hint of grey to it That gives it a "dark" vibe.Scent wise it is interesting ,an "aquatic" type with some sharp notes in the opening.After about 15 - 20 minutes the sharp notes fade and the remaining 10% of the scent settles down close to the skin .At this point the aquatic notes have taken on a softer more" rounded" mix that has some darkness to it.A  kind of dark or slightly dirty aquatic,truthfully it reminds me a lot of a slightly more complex version of Skin Bracer's discontinued Cooling Blue a/s.Which is a good thing as I have been rationing  my last bottle of Blue to make it last,now I have a replacement.The reducer in the bottle keeps you from splashing out too much of the product.

Performance wise it does a decent job.It seems soothing.The other day I was on my second shave with a new  razor and blade combo and got a little cocky which resulted in one weeper under the chin area of my neck.The application of this product soothed and sealed the area pretty darn good.With the caveat explained below.
I have a beard that runs along my jaw line and around the mouth, I keep it narrow.However with the facial hair present I like a lot of moisturizing  agents in my after shave.Most times I put 3-5 drops of glycerin on the palm of my hand and then add the a/s and massage the mix into my skin and beard.It helps keep the beard soft.

Altogether another interesting Denim product,given that it was introduced in the early 70's Denim was ahead of the times with an aquatic scent.

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